520-360-2652, Reported SPAM Phone number

The phone number 520-360-2652 has been reported numerous times as a SPAM phone number.  The call is a robo-call that contains a message “RACHAEL at CARDHOLDER SERVICES.”

Additionally, calls from RACHAEL at CARDHOLDER SERVICES and 520-360-2652 have ignored the National US No Call (do not call) list.

This company makes it difficult to know the company behind the services, and as a result should be considered not trust-worthy and SPAM-provider. We highly recommend reporting such calls to your provider and local representative. Potentially, this company could be engaged in criminal activities as they are not transparent and inaccessible.


Spam alert: (207) 766-7616

We have received complaints that (207) 766-7616 is a phone number used for making SPAM robo calls.

ROBO SPAM calls have been made using this phone number against consumers with numbers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.

We have traced the number to a carrier in Maine:

Located in: CUMBERLAND, ME
Business location: According to public record from Corporate Wiki: The company issuing SPAM phone call services is located:
Omnipoint Miami E License, LLC
12920 SE 38th St Bellevue, WA 98006

Below: Origin of call: CUMBERLAND, ME (Maine)